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Privacy and Cookie Policy

As, which belongs to our company Focussan Engineering, we respect your personal privacy rights and strive to ensure this during the time you spend on our website. Explanations regarding the security of your personal information are presented below for your information.


Log Files

As used on many websites, log files are kept for analysis purposes on our company's website. These files; It includes standard data such as your IP address, internet service provider, browser features, operating system and site entry and exit pages. The recorded data is never used for any purpose other than analysis and does not violate your privacy. The recorded data is not associated with your personal information.


What is a Cookie?

Cookies are text files created on your device or network server through browsers by the websites you visit. Cookies are created by servers associated with the website you visit. This way, when you visit the same site again, the server can detect it.

Cookies do not contain personal data of visitors such as name, gender or address, and only contain information about your visit history on the internet. Cookies are created specifically for the browser and device you use to access web pages and can be deleted or disabled by the user at any time.


Cookie Types and Purposes of Use

There are two types of cookies, Permanent and Temporary Cookies, depending on their validity period.

Temporary cookies are created when the website is visited and are valid until the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies are created when the website is visited and remain until deleted by the user or until they expire.

Cookie types and purposes of use can be explained as follows:

Mandatory Cookies: Necessary for websites to function properly. Mandatory cookies are used for purposes such as authentication and preventing information about the current session from being lost. These cookies are used for purposes such as security and authentication, and are not used for any marketing purposes.

Cookies Necessary for Functionality: These are cookies that allow users visiting the website to remember their preferences. It ensures that the visitor's language preference or text font size selection is remembered. Not allowing the use of such cookies may cause some features to be unavailable and prevent user preferences from being remembered.

Cookies Necessary for Performance and Analysis: These are cookies that help improve the website. These types of cookies collect information about visitors' site usage, are used to check whether the site is working properly and to detect errors.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used for purposes such as promoting products and services on the website or on platforms other than the site, showing personalized ads, and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites leave on your computer. Some parts of our website use cookies to provide a user-friendly experience. In addition, cookies may be used to collect advertising data from platforms such as analysis, search engine and social media advertisements on the site. This is happening entirely with your permission, and you can prevent it by changing the settings of your internet browser if you wish.


Cookie Management

Website visitors have the opportunity to manage their cookie preferences by changing the browser settings through which they access the website. If the browser used offers this opportunity, it is possible to change cookie preferences through browser settings. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to block the use of cookies, receive warnings before the use of cookies, or disable and delete only some cookies.

Although it varies depending on the browser used, below is information on cookie preferences management of commonly used browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge


Safari (macOS)

Safari (iOS/iPadOS)

Microsoft Internet Explorer


External Links

Our website pages may link to different websites. Link via our website is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of the sites provided or promoted. The mentioned linking process is legally considered as "referencing".


Third Party Software

Our website may use various services for purposes such as keeping statistics and user targeting. Our website is not responsible for the privacy policies of these services.

You can view information about the cookie policies of third party applications and software that are used or may be requested to be used through the links below.

Google Ads
Google Analytics




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