Education Packages

Advanced Level Education

Duration of Training:

24 hours

Education Level:

Level 3 and Level 4

Education Requirements:

The training is open to anyone who has mastered the content of the Basic Level training.

The aim of this training program is to demonstrate the structure of HMI touch screens, programming logic, communication protocols, PLC and HMI panel adaptation and process software on mechatronic sets. With this training service we provide for the field, it is also aimed to create infrastructure for SCADA applications.


  • To learn in practice at the end of the course the knowledge that will be learned with difficulty in the market in a few years,
  • Establish sufficient background to start working in machinery manufacturing, textiles, food or various sectors,
  • To make it easy for a person to automate a mechanical device from scratch in PLC and HMI,
  • Gaining field experience for someone with no work experience
  • Enabling employees to intervene in the factory automation systems already in place.
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